private customs warehouse


Sertra Logistics looks after all your needs.

Sertra Logistics’ Customs Clearence department is able to support your company step by step through all the custom paperwork.
This will help you to save:

time you would waste for custom clearence and temporary import of all the goods coming from outside the UE
money avoiding the expensive costs for waiting the necessary documentation.


It is possible to stock in our private customs warehouse any incoming product, on a non-community status, pending for a destination. In this way the charge for customs duties will not happen when the goods arrive in our country but when our department clears them, which means when it’s finally sold.
This service is extremely beneficial from a economic point of view and enables to delivery the products according to the costumer’s needs and instruction.
The costumer also can benefit of our picking and tracking services.


Our office, upon receipt all the necessary documentation from the sender, provides the execution of EX-1 or EUR-1 forms (wherever the goods are going to). This would save time to the carrier in charge for the shipment.

Sertra Logistics’ target is to offer a complete service.
You can also have a look at our inboud logistics services and our shipping services.

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